What other people say…(just a few of them)….

top social media influencers social media financial servicesTony has coached with the TNP Academy programme in 2012 and has achieved some fantastic results with his individual clients averaged API growth in excess of 40%.

Tony brings a level of professionalism to the industry that sets him apart from so many of his competitors.  This combined with his commitment to results helped his coaching clients take out the top individual prizes at the TNP Academy Awards this year.  Not only that Tony’s coaching clients scooped the pool in the open category placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

Top performance is never a matter of luck, it’s a matter of choice. If you want results then I would recommend Tony Vidler.
Dr Dave McMillan, Director of Development, The National Partnership

For all testimonials and peer reviews visit: http://www.strictlybiz.co.nz/testimonials

Michael Kitces, MSFS, MTAX, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, RHU, REBC, CASL. Pinnacle Advisory Group.Tony brings an incredible perspective for coaching advisers, thanks not only to his extensive experience working with advisers over the years, but also due to his volunteer work with the Institute of Financial Advisers, and his efforts to connect with advisers globally and bring home ideas, concepts, tools, and techniques that can be applied in New Zealand. Be certain to connect with Tony if you have the chance… or at least follow him virtually through his Financial Adviser Coach blog!

Tony Vidler

Tony is the most professional and most highly respected business partner in our industry. His knowledge and experience is legendary, and readily accessible.

Steve Benton, CFP.
Director, HFK (Rutherford Rede) Ltd

He continually demonstrates his ability to grasp and understand the financial industry issues and very generously shares this knowledge. He makes good use of the social media and technology which enables him to be very accessible. As a presenter, Tony is fluent, engaging and professional. He stays on track and fits in a mountain of relevant information with ease.

Rosemary Hassan, CFP. Owner, Hassan & Associates.

Tony is extremely knowledgeable, and able to make complex information easy to understand. He is very professional, honest and up front, and it is a pleasure to deal with him.

Carol Garrett. Director, UK Pension Transfers Ltd.

He is always ready to help with advice, challenge your thinking but support your final decisions on things. His industry knowledge is second to none and I have great respect for his abilities to mentor and assist others to achieve their goals.


Michael Bennett. Owner, Acorn Insurance & Investment Ltd.

Tony has in depth knowledge of the insurance and investment industry in NZ, its challenges concerning legislative changes and the future for advisers. He has experience both as a working adviser and in management roles, and has provided sound advice regarding running our business, future planning and adviser training.

Eru Manuera. Owner, Insurance Solutions.

He is a very good strategic thinker and one of the most knowledgeable people in the life insurance industry.

Milton Jennings.  CEO, Fidelity Life Assurance Company Ltd.

I find him to be an extremely good communicator and great strategist. He has the ability to take any issue and look at it critically and then develop strategies to deal with it effectively.

Nigel Tate, CFP, CLU, F Fin. President and Director, Institute of Financial Advisers.

Tony offers valuable expertise and has the experience in the real world as a self employed financial adviser and the corporate world too.

Lawrence Diack. Owner, Saving Kiwi’s Financial Solutions Ltd.

He’s never afraid to ask the hard questions and he’s a very sharp strategic thinker, but he influences people rather than imposes his thinking on others, and is co-operative and fun to work with.

Lyn McMorran, CFP. CEO, Financial Services Federation.

His clear thinking and relentless focus make him a great asset.

Russell Hutchinson. Owner, Chatswood Consulting Ltd.

His communication skills are well honed, he understands the psychology behind his management and sales tactics.
Mike Barnes. Director, Kinetic Planning Ltd.

Tony has an uncanny strategic ability and skills to see the “big picture” while not ignoring the details.

Garth Clarricoats. Director, Optimum Professional Services Ltd.

He is a straight shooter who has the ability to think at a strategic level, yet understands the impacts of strategy at an operational level. He is passionate about the advice industry… and is able to add value where ever he gets involved.

Barry Read. Director, IDS Ltd.

Tony is able to make complex information simple and easy to understand. Highly professional, thorough in his knowledge and able to use it effectively to impart appropriately, increasing the knowledge of the audience.

Sandra Clark. Director, Pastures Green 2009 Ltd.

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