Published Articles

Tony Vidler Speaker Resume     Top 250 copy

Kiwi’s buy services differently now (August 2015)

The story advisers should be telling (July 2015)

Does a diversification strategy fit with a planner’s fiduciary duty? (December 2014)

Is this why clients question fees? (November 2014)

How Social Media Fits in your financial adviser practice (October 2014)

The future value proposition for financial planning (Sep 2014)

Clients don’t want an adviser – they want a planner (July 2014)

Behaviour in the spotlight (July 2014)

Insurance Must Be Sold, Not Bought…Right? (June 2014)

The untapped power of pro bono (May 2014)

Understanding the High Net Worth client (April 2014)

What is the most valuable aspect of CFP certification? (February 2014)

The missing ingredient in attracting clients (February 2014)

Avoiding Regulatory Rigor Mortis (January 2014)

Key TASKS for 2014 (December 2013)

Crystal ball: Where to for NZ Financial Services? (part 1) (November 2013)

Crystal ball: Where to for NZ Financial Services? (part 2) (November 2013)

Are we losing sight of the good we do? (October 2013)

Why sales skills matter more than ever (August 2013)

In this time of creation (July 2013)

Why nobody takes us seriously (July 2013)

The changing face of advice (June 2013)

Replacement business – what’s the issue? (May 2013)

Advice Without Value- Perhaps the Client’s fault (April 2013)

Consumers really DO value expert advice (March 2013)

How do you get a 30 percent pay rise for your career (February 2013)

Why should anyone choose you as their adviser (January 2013)

What if the game changed overnight (December 2013)

How low can you go (October 2012)

Considering client risk capacity (September 2012)

Are you aiming to thrive or just survive? (September 2012)

The elephant in the room (August 2012) 

What type of advice is needed? (July 2012)

Your best defence (June 2012)

Why no one should care how you’re paid (May 2012)

Master the dragon (February 2012)

Tony Vidlerfinancialalert Person of the Year 2011


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