Here’s how to move into “Stealth Mode” when doing your prospecting research on LinkedIN.

by Tony Vidler It seems that while a lot of professionals now have a presence on LinkedIn they are often not actually using it to prospect for potential new clients.  That seems odd to me given that Linkedin is a Business-2-Business networking platform: it exists to assist people in business network with other people in […]

Want to Cross-Sell? Then put a bit of planning into your planning services

by Tony Vidler We all know that cross-selling services and solutions, and sometimes products, to clients is critical to maximising the value of the client relationship as well as ensuring you are delivering full value to your clients. So why is it so often neglected? In part because cross-selling is skipped because so many professional […]

What’s the worst that could happen if you asked this?

by Tony Vidler One of the keys to success for any professional is having strong sales skills, or to put it another way, the ability to influence clients to shift their thinking.  Is that “selling” though, or is that just the intelligent and deliberate use of sound psychological principles to help clients make good choices […]

Want Prospects To Open Up? Take a tip from Oprah…

by Tony Vidler Once upon a time everyone was taught the difference between open and closed questions as the key to engaging prospects…and it worked for a fair while. In today’s world with it’s much greater emphasis upon individual opinion and with our professional focus having shifted entirely onto what the client cares about rather […]

A Little Kickback On The Sly For Referrers Is OK Isn’t It?

by Tony Vidler One of the ethical challenges for professionals is how to appropriately recognise the value of a great referrer or Centre-Of-Influence. A little kickback on the sly? Hardly professional. Don’t talk about it and pretend there is no commercial significance? Not great for maintaining trust long term. It doesn’t have to become a […]

Give Publicity To Get Some Good Publicity

by Tony Vidler An excellent way to get some positive publicity and generate more “word of mouth” advertising for your business is to give some publicity to other businesses. Sound strange? Pretty much everyone in professional services has clients who run businesses.  In fact for many practitioners the only clients they have are business owners, […]

Financial Advice: You CAN Be Compliant Without Being Dull

by Tony Vidler The Annual Review process for financial advice clients is often seen as a rather hum-drum thing by the clients themselves, and getting them to engage in it can be a real challenge for advisers. It doesn’t have to be of course. With a little imagination it can be positioned as something which […]