Income protection and the economic cycle

Income protection and the economic cycle

Why didn’t the client call ME?

by Tony Vidler “Our clients did business elsewhere and didn’t call us to do it – Why?” How often do we hear this from advisers? Maybe you aren’t very good, or maybe they just don’t like you.  Maybe that is why…but then, why would they have ever done business with you in the first place […]

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The BIG ticks: Best articles for professionals this week

best marketing ideas for financial advisors

By Tony Vidler The articles that I spotted this week that make you think in new ways, or new directions….the “best of the best” for me….are provided here as a quick readers digest for professionals who are looking ahead. These are the highlights from the week that you should stop and read. There is so […]

Do You Practice Enough To Be A Champion Adviser?

By Tony Vidler This is one of my favourite business quotes. My reason for pointing this out is because people keep forgetting it.  If we turned temporarily from business to the world of sport – where success is often measured primarily by win/loss ratio’s -then I’d say that this is a favourite: My point in […]

Here’s how to move into “Stealth Mode” when doing your prospecting research on LinkedIN.

by Tony Vidler It seems that while a lot of professionals now have a presence on LinkedIn they are often not actually using it to prospect for potential new clients.  That seems odd to me given that Linkedin is a Business-2-Business networking platform: it exists to assist people in business network with other people in […]

Demonstrate Your Value And Prospects Will Choose You

By Tony Vidler Smart professional service firms today focus on demonstrating their value to prospects. Having a prospect who is interested enough to hear what you have to offer has always been a necessary step on the path to getting a client, and it obviously remains so today. However, who the prospect decides to continue […]